Foods Recommendation System for Meals-out in Nutrient Balance



論文タイトル:Foods Recommendation System for Meals-out in Nutrient Balance

著者:Takumi Ohata, Yoko Nishihara, Ryosuke Yamanishi

概要:Having foods in a fine nutritional balance is important for both physical and mental health. Due to the change in lifestyle, people often have lunch and dinner at restaurants and buy pre-cooked foods at supermarkets. Having only those foods might cause off-balance of nutrition. This paper proposes a food recommendation system for meals-out to support the nutrient balance. The users may input the foods that they have had. The proposed system calculates the intake of nutrients and energies, and then recommends foods for meals-out that support to adjust the nutrient balance. We conducted evaluation experiments with the proposed system. It was confirmed that the proposed system could support users to improve the balance of nutrient intake.

書誌情報: CEA ’19: Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities, Pages 17–23