Framework for Analysis and Feedback of Evaluation Expressions in Restaurant Reviews



論文タイトル:Framework for Analysis and Feedback of Evaluation Expressions in Restaurant Reviews

著者:Ryoya Suzuki, Ryosuke Yamanishi, Yoko Nishihara

概要:This paper proposes a framework of the cycle for writing and analyzing restaurant reviews.Our method is designed to extract evaluation expressions specific to dishes from the descriptions around the names of dishes in restaurant reviews.It is common to use restaurant reviews for choosing restaurants and dishes.The amount of reputation for foods on the Web has been growing.However, it is difficult for a user to read a large amount of information and select a dish that meets the user’s taste.Based on the above background, we believe that some specific expressions evaluating dishes should be easily obtained and given feedback to reviewers; those expressions are reasonable to support the writing and understanding the reviews.We focus on two types of expressions frequently occurred with the name of the dish: common expressions for flavours such as sizzle words, and words related to particular dishes such as cooking methods.Also, the expressions evaluating a dish are acquired by using the dependency analysis and the word importance.In our consideration, the evaluation expression specific to the dish seemed to capture the characteristics of the dish better than just using sizzle words.

書誌情報: 2019 International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, E3-01, (2019).