Comparative Evaluation of User Interfaces for Preventing Wasteful Spending in Cashless Payment



論文タイトル:Comparative Evaluation of User Interfaces for Preventing Wasteful Spending in Cashless Payment

著者:Daisuke Mashiro, Yoko Nishihara, and Junjie Shan

概要:More and more people pay using cashless payment methods rather than paying cash. In addition to online stores, more and more stores in the real world accept cashless payments, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. However, people notice that using cashless payments makes them spend more than necessary unconsciously. Some applications would notify the amount of payment on the cashless payment, but they are just after notices and rarely draw people’s feeling to the money spent. A better method is required to prevent wasting money before payment. In this paper, we implement eight user interfaces to avoid waste on mobile payment applications. These interfaces would inhibit users’ payment actions for several seconds before they make the final confirmation.We compared the eight user interfaces through evaluation experiments with 25 participants. We found features of the user interfaces that were suitable for preventing waste. In evaluation experiments, we gave a shopping scenario with wasting, and we asked the participants to use the implemented user interface. The participants answered the degree of effect of wasting prevention about the implemented user interface. They also answered the degree of frustration in using the assigned user interface. Experimental results showed that the participants would escape from wasting more if the user interface gave a pleasant task in specific periods.

書誌情報:25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, pp.352-363