Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews Transition in Multimedia Franchise



論文タイトル:Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews Transition in Multimedia Franchise

著者:Yuna Fujii, Junjie Shan, Yihong Han, and Yoko Nishihara

概要:A Multimedia franchise refers to developing a single production across various media such as comics, anime, and film. The media types are diverse, including comics, anime, movies, games, novels, and stage. People who enjoy a single production in one medium may enjoy the same production in another. A single production can be enjoyed in multiple media. However, evaluations for production are different among all franchised media. A production franchised in a medium obtains high evaluations, while the same production franchised in another medium may obtain low evaluations. Production evaluations in a medium are often conducted by comparing to previous evaluations in another medium. Therefore, evaluating a production franchised across various media may be related to the order of multimedia franchises. By analyzing the order of multimedia franchises and the evaluation of production together, it may be possible to gain knowledge on obtaining high evaluations in the multimedia franchise. We assume a correlation exists between the order of multimedia franchises and the production evaluation. In this paper, we group productions according to the order of multimedia franchises and conduct sentiment analysis on reviews to find the tendency of evaluation in each media within the group. For the analysis, we create a database that shows the progression of multimedia franchises for each production. The database includes the presence/absence of 10 types of multimedia franchises for 101 productions and the number of years. We choose four orders from the database’s most common multimedia franchise types. We then collect reviews of production for each medium and conduct sentiment analysis. We calculate the rate of positive sentences of review of the production for each medium. Then, we analyze the relationship between multimedia franchise order and the polarity of reviews. Analysis results showed that the rate of positive sentences was highest for “stage,” followed by “comic,” and the lowest for “anime.” Furthermore, the transition from “anime” to “comic” increased by about 9% in positive sentences of reviews, while the transition from “comic” to “stage” decreased by about 4% in positive sentences of reviews. In the future, we plan to analyze the content of reviews and further explore the relationship between the multimedia franchise order and the reviews’ polarity.

書誌情報:27th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems