A Helpful Reviews Composition Assistance System for Online Shopping Users


論文タイトル:A Helpful Reviews Composition Assistance System for Online Shopping Users

著者:Yihong Han, Nagisa Asahori, Yoko Nishihara and Junjie Shan

概要:This paper proposes an assistance system for composing helpful reviews for online shopping users. In online shopping, reviews are essential for users to make informed purchase decisions. However, the quality of reviews varies greatly, and it can be difficult for users to write helpful reviews. To address this issue, we propose an assistance system for writing helpful reviews. The proposed system has two modules: a helpfulness evaluation module and a random example providing module. The helpfulness evaluation module is used to assess the helpfulness of a review. It is implemented by learning labeled review texts with fastText1. The random example providing module is used to provide users with examples of helpful reviews. It randomly shows a helpful review from the dataset. We conducted an experiment with 15 participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed system. The results showed that both the helpfulness evaluation module and the random example providing module were effective in supporting writing helpful reviews. Based on the results of our experiment, we conclude that the proposed system is a promising approach for improving the quality of online shopping reviews.

書誌情報:The 12th International Symposium on Information and Communication Technology, pp.844–849