Analysis of Dialogues Difficulty in Anime Comparing with JLPT Listening Tests



論文タイトル:Analysis of Dialogues Difficulty in Anime Comparing with JLPT Listening Tests


概要:More and more people choose to learn Japanese as a foreign language (JFL) in the world. The traditional teaching materials have focused on training for the skills of writing and reading in Japanese. However, it seems that the JFL learners would like to train their speaking and listening rather than writing and reading because the speaking and listening are necessary to make conversations. We use Japanese animation which is called “Anime” in the world as a new teaching material of Japanese. Anime has a huge amount of scenes in which characters speak with their voice in the standard and clear pronunciations. It means that Anime has many good examples of Japanese dialogues for JFL learners to improve their speaking and listening. The goal of our research is to propose a new method to classify dialogues in Anime depending on the dialogues’ degrees of difficulty. In this paper, we analyzed the words and expressions used in the Anime dialogues and the scripts of listening tests of the previous Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT). Each word and expression were classified into different Japanese language levels. We used the analysis results of JLPT as a standard reference to be compared with Anime dialogues. The analysis results showed that the genres of Anime had effects on using words and expressions. We also found that the scripts of listening tests of high-level included many high-level words and expressions.

発表情報:Procedia computer science, 112, 1345-1352.